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Q – What is MySQL?

A – MySQL is the most popular Open Source SQL Database system. A database is a structured collection of data. MySQL allows you to quickly access, edit and add to the database.

Q – After I install osCommerce I get a sessions directory error?

A – Set this in both your admin/includes/configure.php and catalog/includes/configure.php files:

define(‘STORE_SESSIONS’, ”);

To this:
define(‘STORE_SESSIONS’, ‘mysql’);

Q – Can I install phpMyAdmin?

A – No, users are not allowed to install their own versions of phpMyAdmin.

Instead, this program is offered through the CPanel for you to use. PhpMyAdmin is at the bottom of the MySQL Databases section in the CPanel.

Q – Can you disable or turn off php Safe Mode?

A – No, it cannot be disabled. All the servers have php safe mode enabled due to security reasons.

Q – How do I create a MySQL database?

A – Login to your cPanel then goto –> MySQL Databases –> Add a new database, then create a user. Then all you need to do is add the user into the database.

Q – What is MySql hostname?

A – Your Hostname is: localhost

Q – My PHP program tells me it can’t access the database and gives errors?

A – When you create your MySQL database, first you need create a database by giving it a name. Then you create a user by entering a username and password. For best results keep your database name, database username, and database password at no fewer than 6 and no more than 7 letters or numbers. Then you make sure that you have added the user to the database.

In your script, your database name and your database username must be prefaced by your hosting account username_. Your password, however, stands alone without any prefaces.

For example: If your hosting account username is “blue5”, your database name is “testdb”, your database username is “dbuser”, and your database password is “passwd”, this is how you need to put them in your script:

database server should be: localhost
database name should be written as: dothehos_testdb
database username should be written as: dothehos_dbuser
database password should be written simply as: passwd

Q – How do I connect to my database from my pc or a remote computer?

A – We do not allow database connections to the MySQL server from remote computers. We closed our database server remote access port due to security reasons.

So unfortunately you cannot connect from ODBC/JDBC/Macromedia DreamWeaver applications.

You have to connect to your databases from your website through scripts or the cpanel phpmyadmin tool for managing your databases.

This is the reason that our MySQL server name is always: localhost

Q – What version of php and mysql are you running?

A – This information can be seen after logging in to your cPanel under the General server information section on the left. PHP and MySQL will be upgraded from our cpanel servers if there are any stable versions available.

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