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Q – How do I upload files through FTP when my domain is under propagation?

A – You can still upload files through FTP when your domain is under propagation. You need to use the server IP address instead of Configuration when domain under propagation:

HOST NAME: or (Can be found in your welcome email)
USER ID: username (Can be found in your welcome email)
PASSWORD: your hosting domain password

After you login to your FTP account, make sure that you upload your html, images and scripts etc into your public_html or www directory.

Q – How long will it take for my uploaded html/images to appear on the web?

A – All Frontpage or FTP upload/publishing are INSTANT. Thus you should see your changes on web immediately. You may need to press Ctrl + Refresh for bypassing your browser’s cache to view your changes.

Q – My password is being rejected. What should I do?

A – The most common problem when your password is rejected is that you are either:

  • Using the wrong password
  • Using and old password
  • Using a password with invalid characters.
  • Using an incorrect username

Q – What are the settings I need to use for FTP connection?

A – Before connection you need to configure your FTP Client Software with following properties:

FTP Host Name: Your hostname is or
User ID: Your User ID found in your welcome Email.
Password: Your password found in your Welcome Email.

Q – What directory should I upload my web files?

A – You need to upload your html files in the public_html directory. This is the only directory in your web server that is viewable in the internet. You already have an index.html page (with a BlueSeam Under Construction Image) in your public_html Directory as a place holder. Please replace it with your own “index.html”, “index.htm” or “index.php” page.

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