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FAQ – FrontPage

Q – Do you support FrontPage express?

A – Yes, we do. There are, however, many limitations with FrontPage express that you will not find with FrontPage 2000 or similar. The FrontPage extensions are therefore NOT needed if you are publishing with FP Express.

Q – Do you support FrontPage Extensions? A – Yes, we do support FrontPage 98, 2000 and 2002 server extensions however, depending on the package you have purchased, only the Business and Executive packages supports this option.

Q – How can I have the FrontPage Extensions removed/installed from my account?

A – You can install/remove Frontpage Extensions by logging in to your control panel and clicking on “Frontpage Extensions” Icon. Once in there you will see two choices, (Re)Install Extensions and Uninstall Extensions.

Note: Install FrontPage extensions only if you want to publish site using only FrontPage. You should not use any FTP software after installing Front Page Extensions.

Q – I am getting an Error 500 “Internal Server Error” when trying to view my FrontPage site online.

A – The most common cause is the use of an FTP program other than the file upload feature within FrontPage itself when uploading FrontPage generated webpages. This can damage the FrontPage extensions. Even though the pages may be successfully uploaded, they will not be viewable/translatable by a web browser due to corrupted code. In this case the FrontPage extensions will need to be reinstalled. This can be done in your cPanel.

Q – I installed Front Page extensions and now cgi programs won’t work?

A – FrontPage changes the way your site is managed on the web server. One of the draw backs is that it manages cgi programs in a non standard way and may result in the inability to run programs that are not included as part of FrontPage. This includes most third party shopping carts, page counters, form mail scripts, etc.

The only way to be sure cgi programs will work is to not install front page extensions on your hosting account. Additionally Some front page components will not work even if the Front Page Extensions are installed properly on your site.

Q – I’m getting the error “Root Web Busy” when I try to publish with FrontPage, Why?

A – FTP to your site and remove the “service.lck” file in /public_html/_vti_pvt folder.
This usually happens when an FP session is interrupted before completion.

NOTE: Just to be safe, it would be a good idea to reinstall FrontPage Extensions via your cPanel after you use FTP in your site.

Q – Why am I getting “Error – FrontPage Extensions not Installed”?

A – This error is often seen being reported even when the extensions have been installed. If you get this error, please reinstall the FrontPage extensions from your cPanel.

NOTE: The extensions are easily corrupted. Please use ONLY FrontPage Explorer to update your web site on the server, not FTP.

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